New Employee Training

New employee training sets the tone for expectations on the part of the company and opportunities on the part of the employee. A positive welcome that begins with training in essential areas puts the employee at ease and allows him to slowly but steadily get in to the demands and pressures of his new job. Effective training paves the way for a long and productive alliance between the company and its employees. Normally, new employees are trained in:

• Teamwork
• Personal Wellness
• Customer Service
• Change management
• Emergency preparation
• Safety management
• Sexual harassment prevention

In some cases only a few people are recruited and the responsibility for their training is given to existing employees. If you are one of those people mentoring a new employee then here are a few things to help you train yourself for the new job.

Show them around

The first step that you can probably do as part of the new employee training is to take your trainee along and give him a tour of the work place. Introduce him to people that he’ll need to interact with while doing his job. Also assign a couple of people he can go to for help when you are not personally available. Give an idea of the physical layout of the office and the various departments. Explain his role and where he fits in the larger picture.

Required documents

Give your trainee any documents, manuals or hand books that the company has on the procedures and policies that they follow. Some of the important rules and policies that he needs to know immediately can be explained directly. Give him time to go through it and encourage him to ask questions at every point in the new employee training program.

Assign responsibilities

Give your trainee some simple tasks to complete. Offer help at any point that he needs and explain the task and procedures again if required. Being put into a new environment and expecting work from the word go is not something that everybody is capable of doing. Some are fast learners while others take their time to learn even the most simplest of tasks. As a trainer it is important to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your trainee and help him to adjust as fast as possible. Two types of programs include:

• Mentoring- the employee is placed under a mention who helps him adjust to his new role
• Job rotation- the employee is transferred from one job to another so he can learn the ropes

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Have patience

New employee training is not easy in case you had any hopes of it being a breeze. A new employee can be extremely annoying, asking the same silly thing again and again even though you have already explained 3 times. Remind yourself that he is new and has not been doing that job for 10 years like you have. Who knows, you probably asked the same question 10 times when you were undergoing training like him.

Meet at neutral ground

Make an effort to meet your trainee at a neutral point outside the workplace. For all you know he might be an entirely different person away from the office environment. Not only that, in a familiar environment he might be more friendly and at ease. This will also give you a chance to appreciate the positive things about him and make the new employee training a bit more effective.
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