Employee Training Methods

Companies are spending thousands of dollars every year to provide training to their employees so that their skills are constantly up-dated and improved. Employee training methods have been found to be a great source of motivation to an employee and also contribute to their job satisfaction. But training that is based on the requirements for the job is just as important to ensure that it is effective and not a waste of the company’s money. Other than the training that is given to a new employee and the traditional on the job training methods, there are other options and alternatives to provide new learning for your employee.

Higher Education

Higher education as a part of employee training methods can be a part-time or full-time learning program, giving an employee the chance to go back to school and interact and learn with people from different backgrounds. There are countless number of courses being offered by universities these days and you can choose the course that best compliments the work that the employee is doing now or what you want him to do in the near future. A specific study in the area of interest will be possible which the employee may not have been able to do when he was in regular college. While a full time program gives the employee a chance to concentrate on his studies, a part time program catering to working individuals will give him a chance to practice what he is learning.

Group Training

Employee training methods can also be in the form of group training in which a team or group of employees requiring the same set of skill development can be put together and trained for a day or more depending on the need. Doing this outside the workplace where everybody gets a chance to relax only makes this technique more effective. Combining training with some business games and activities add to the fun and helps your employees to get to know each other. Group training could include:

• Role play
• Case studies
• Seminars
• Workshops
• Field trips
• Vestibule training
• Lectures
• Audio visual
• Simulations

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Industry Group Meetings

Organizing meetings between employees of different companies is another one of the employee training methods that you can use. Here, your employees get a chance to meet and interact with their peers and also give them a chance to discuss the problems that they are facing and collectively come to a conclusion about what can be done. There could also be situations where one person has already found a solution and you can also benefit from such knowledge. Unlike a training program, they get instant knowledge from their peers without much effort and the learning is much faster than what would happen in a seminar.


Certifications from recognized associations or institutions are also usually a part of employee training methods. These are less expensive than full time courses and can be done while the employee continues in his work. Alternatively, you can also provide your own study material and evaluate the employee on completion of the study. It can be made compulsory or optional depending on the value attached to it during appraisal.
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