Benefits of Employee Training

Training an employee so as to narrow the gap between existing skills and required skills to do a particular job will not only yield just monetary benefits but also lead to job satisfaction and general well being of the employee. They are motivated and remain loyal to the company longer than employees who do not have the required skills and as a result remains unhappy no matter what you do for them. The benefits of employee training are both intrinsic and extrinsic and some of them are explained below.

Job Satisfaction

For an employee or any person to be satisfied and happy with his job, he should posses the skills to do the particular job. Otherwise he feels incompetent and useless and is not motivated to do the work. Training an employee for the job that he needs to perform not only empowers him to do the work but the quality of work also improves greatly. The number of mistakes made by him will decrease and he is willing to take up more challenging jobs.

Employee Turnover

An employee who is not trained to do his job creates a vicious cycle that affects not only his performance but those of his colleagues and the company. He becomes unhappy because he either blames himself or the company for his failure. Both actions are counterproductive for him as well as the company. A happy employee is a loyal employee and reducing employee turnover is one of the benefits of employee training.

Employee Productivity

When a worker is trained based on the skills that are required by him to do the work, his efficiency and productivity increases. More work is done in less time because he does not have to figure out for himself how to do a job, he has already been told how to. It can also increase the level of safety in the work place especially if you have a manufacturing unit. Better customer care is also one of the benefits of employee training.

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Recruitment Process

The process of recruitment is made easier because the HR team will know exactly what to look for in a candidate. They will have a clear idea of the skills that the candidate must possess and those that can be relaxed because the company offers training programs in those areas. It also gives the candidate the impression that he has the opportunity to learn on the job and take up new responsibilities.

Effect on Costs

Training an employee to do his job well yields cost benefits in multiple areas. The time that an employee takes to do his job is reduced. The amount of wastage in the materials used will decrease because he makes fewer mistakes. Another benefit of employee training is that the equipment and machinery that is used takes less money to maintain and also the safety of the worker is high. This saves money in terms of insurance and medical costs that may have been incurred otherwise. Recruitment costs are also reduced because of decreased employee turnover.
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