Learn About Employee Training Programs

The people you hire do not always posses all the skills that are required to get their job done. There may be some things missing depending on their education or previous work experience. But what is important is that they have the capacity to learn. This is where employee training programs come into the picture. Not only new employees, training programs can benefit existing employees learn and be up to date with the new developments in their area of expertise.

Assessing the Need

The best way to assess the need for employee training programs is by asking the employees themselves. Ask them to list down the 5 or ten most important areas that need training. Evaluate the response given by them and determine the areas that the majority has asked for. A brainstorming session can help to identify the goals that the training programs have to achieve. You can also assess the need by evaluating the responses received during appraisal and comparing it to the job requirements. The first method although is simpler and yields more accurate results. Examples of common training programs include:

• Leadership training
• Communication skills training
• Team building workshops
• Business etiquette
• Sales training
• Stress management
• Presentation skills
• Conflict resolution
• Cross cultural training
• Voice and accent
• Time management
• Change management

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Developing a Training Program

Employee training programs start with induction training when a new employee is newly recruited, continues with on the job training and also includes skill based training for existing employees. A skill development program should be a balanced mix of all these methods to be most effective. Make a specific plan for each category of employee that you have with the programs that you want included in it. Make sure you also make the goals of each program clear and ensure that there are no deviations from this.

Evaluating Employees Training Needs

Each employee will have a different training need and it is up to you as a manager to recognize this need and address it. Need based training is closely related to performance appraisals. If you have assessed the need for training in consultation with your employee then it becomes easier to assign them to the different programs you have decided to have for them. Employee training programs can also be implemented by giving the options available and allowing them to choose the programs they want to undertake. Each person knows the areas in which he needs improvement. So it always better to allow the employee decide what he wants to do rather than making it compulsory. This way you do not unnecessarily lose money and your employee is also happy that he has to do only what he wants to.

Evaluating the Training Program

Any program that is undertaken by a company needs to be evaluated at the end of the designated period. With employee training programs this is very important because a training program is undertaken when a lack of skill is causing losses to the company. Effectiveness of the program is evident when an employee is able to perform a task that he was earlier unable to. The employee is also happier and more satisfied with the work he is doing and his productivity increases. In quantitative terms your profitability should have increased.
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